About Us

Rad Pardaz Arseh Novin Co. was founded by an experienced team of postgraduates and PhD graduates from Sharif University of Technology (SUT) and the University of Tehran (UT). Our team comprises graduates from a variety of disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, energy and computer engineering, and meteorology, with relevant and effective work experience in weather forecasting, air pollution, climate change, and energy forecasting and management.

We work closely with both SUT and UT. Working side by side with Iran’s top two universities, combined with the academic background of our technical team, has provided Rad Pardaz Arseh Novin Co. with the full competence required for the manufacture of functional commercial software products, whilst moving forward with pioneering research, development, and manufacture of innovative products.

We have been extremely influential in executing cutting edge projects on a national level. We have also engaged in several studies on environmental policy-making nationwide.