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We work toward transforming science into action and manufacturing functional products to facilitate policy making in meteorology, air pollution and energy sectors by automating data analytics

We are group of weather, air pollution, energy, artificial intelligence and software development experts with academic background. We work together to find best solutions for energy and environment professionals’ needs, since 2013.

Transforming complex sciences into functional, smart and easy-to-use solutions is a tough task. We make sure you achieve incredible productivity on energy and environment management by automating data analytics.

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Our fields of expertise

Weather forecasting

Automatic ensemble weather forecasting solution with WRF model; available as a product and as a service

Pollution & GHG emission calculation

A web-based source specific pollution and GHG emission estimator; available as a product and as a service

Air quality forecasting

Automatic air quality modeling and forecasting with complex photochemical models; available as a product and as a service

Energy demand forecasting

Automatic forecasting solution of the energy demand at short term; available as a product and as a service


Our Unique Products

Web-based emission inventory system

A web-based system for calculating and reporting source specific emissions.

Air pollution forecasting system

A computational framework for calculating air pollution dispersion.

Hybrid short-term load forecasting system

Hybrid short-term load forecasting system

Weather forecasting system

An ensemble weather forecasting system with high spatio-temporal resolution

Power generation forecasting system

Power generation forecasting system for wind and solar power plants

CEMIGEN, emission processor tool

An emission processor tool for chemical transport models


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