Web-based emission inventory system

Web-based emission inventory system

A novel web-based system for calculating and reporting pollution and GHG emission

from pollution sources with high spatio-temporal resolution

Our EI system is unique

EIS calculates greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions from pollution sources, covering all affective parameters including vehicle technologies, driving conditions, etc. It is a novel system which is designed to calculate emissions from various types of pollution sources and meets all the needs of calculating the emission inventory.


What can our EIS system do for you?

  • Tracking emission rates for regulatory purposes and policy making
  • Running if-then scenarios
  • Providing data for national programs
  • Tracking GHGs and GHG mitigation activities
  • Easy to use system with minimum technical background
  • Capabilities of generating various types of reports
  • Preparing emission input data for air pollution photochemical models
  • Easily update emission inventories

Sources and Species

Using RadPardaz's EI system it is possible to calculate emission from following sources:

  • Mobile vehicles, Bus terminal, Gas stations, Airport, Railway, Residential and commercial, Power plant, Refinery and Industries.

And for following species:

  • Criteria Pollutants:  CO, VOC, evaporative VOC, NOx, SOx, PM
  • Toxic Pollutants: Lead, 1,3-Butadiene, Acetaldehyde, Formaldehyde, Ammonia (NH3) and Benzene 
  • Global Warming Pollutants: CO2, N2O and Methane (CH4)


Web-based user interface

Web-based user interface

Modular design

A complex but easy-to-use platform with capability to import/export multiple datasets

Easy-to-use emission calculation platform

Ability to perform complex emission calculations with a few clicks

Fast computational speed

Performing large number of calculations in a few seconds

Mitigation measures evaluation

Easily define and evaluate complex mitigation measures

GIS calculations

Geographical emission calculation and providing GIS reports in vector and raster format

Powerful report generation tool

Preparing various type of reports and statistics on emission results

Gridded emission calculation

Able to provide gridded emission for air quality models