Hybrid short-term load forecasting system

Hybrid short-term load forecasting system

Our short-term load forecasting system is a smart software product for predicting electricity demand in your region based-on weather forecast condition. It is a complex hybrid forecasting system including combination of dynamic weather forecasting models and Artificial Intelligence.

If you are looking for advance, user-friendly, accurate and smart load forecast system, this is the right product for you. This system runs dynamic weather prediction and artificial intelligence models which predict hourly electricity demand in advance and sends events to decision makers immediately.

Our STLF system is unique

RadPardaz´s short-term load forecasting system is unique, guaranteeing the highest degree of efficiency and accuracy. Our STLF system include highly reliable forecasts for energy demand adapted to the needs of the energy market for the short-term horizons. The system has a web-based user interface and is available as a product and as a service. RadPardaz supplies a great number of Iranian markets with energy demand forecasting, and its goal is to cater all Middle east and Asian markets. Our system has satisfied the necessities of all actors involved in the European energy market, specifically Transmission System Operator, distributors and electricity companies.

What can our STLF system do for you?

   Connect to your existing real load consumption datasets

   Predict weather condition using dynamic models

   Hourly electricity demand forecasting for the next 24 to 168 hours

   Detects peak demand events and sends alerts

   Necessary tool for demand-side management and resource planning



Highly accurate in predicting hourly pattern and value of electricity demand

Interactive dashboard

A fully interactive experience through a web-based dashboard

Self adaptive

A self-modifying and adaptive load forecasting model

Real load adjustment

Preprocessing and adjustment of real load consumption data based-on historical behavior

Feature engineering

Including a powerful feature selection tool to generate proper features


A complex but easy-to-use platform to import and export weather and load data

Weather forecasting

Complete dataset of future weather forecast using dynamic weather forecasting models

Web-based user interface

Import data, request forecast and extract data on weather and load forecast through a web-based user interface