Air pollution forecasting system

Air pollution forecasting system

A computational framework for calculating air pollution dispersion using combination of

dynamic weather forecasting and air pollution photochemical models

Why do we need air pollution forecast?

Air quality forecasting is an effective way of protecting public health by providing an early warning against harmful air pollutants. Urban air pollution events can be forecasted to provide an early warning.

Our air pollution forecasting system is an advance and reliable system consist of following four sections:

  1. Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF)
  2. Powerful JAVA-based emission generator tool
  3. Complex air quality photochemical models (CAMx & CMAQ)
  4. Web-based dashboard for system performance monitoring and publishing air pollution forecasts

What can our APF system do for you (1)

  • Providing up-to-date information on air pollutants’ distribution for the next 72-hour
  • Providing data for health impact assessment and economic burden of disease studies
  • Identifying hot spots and polluted areas
  • Constructing the air quality monitoring station missing data using data assimilation and artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Locating new air quality monitoring stations

What can our APF system do for you (2)

  • Examining the effectiveness and prioritization of the control strategies and air pollution mitigation programs
  • Predicting air pollution episodes and emergency situations for taking necessary actions in order to prevent public exposure to high pollution levels
  • Studying atmospheric reactions, precursors, and secondary organic aerosol production in the urban atmosphere
  • Permitting studies of new sources of pollution in the city boundary
  • Studying importance of air pollution sources


Web-based dashboard

Web-based dashboard which provide air pollution forecast parameters and statistics in detail

Automatic system

Automatic air pollution dispersion calculator system

High spatial resolution

Predicting air pollution dispersion in high spatial resolution

Advance air quality models

Using complex air quality models (CAMx & CMAQ)

Nested domains

Ability to define two-way nesting grids which propagates information both up- and down-scale across all grids

Emission generator

Powerful JAVA-based emission generator tool for point, line, area and elevated sources


Powerful post-processing tool which provides air pollution dispersion and exposure maps, time series and AQI maps

Scenario analysis

Evaluating impact of mitigation measures on the level of air pollutant concentrations